Hi, my name is Sameer. I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering since 2001. For much of that time, I’ve been creating compact versions of the spoiler and FAQs, list of tricks and removal in the format for easy persual, and doing a bunch of analysis to figure out how good the various cards are for limited formats. Much of the analysis is based on numbers rather than the more general analysis I find on other sites. For instance, if I’m evaluating a merfolk lord, I look at how many other merfolk there are in the environment, how playable each one is, and what rarities the best ones are found at, rather than a general feel of how good merfolk are in the environment.

I’m creating this blog to make it easier to share all of this going forward, as well as to get feedback on my evaluations. I expect to post weekly on Tuesdays, slightly more frequently right after a new set’s spoiler comes out, and to stop posting when I run out of interesting things to say about the format.

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