M14: Commentary on removal

White, Blue, and Black all have removal spells at common and uncommon that don’t care about a creature’s toughness:

  • White: Pacifism; Celestial Flare; Banisher Priest; (Master of Diversion)
  • Blue: Claustrophobia; (Time Ebb; Disperse; Frost Breath)
  • Black: Liturgy of Blood; Doom Blade

Of the common/uncommon removal spells that can only kill creatures with a certain toughness, 5 kill 1-toughness creatures, 3 kill 2-toughness creatures, 2 kill 3-toughness creatures, and 1 kills 4-toughness creatures. So creatures with 5+ toughness are safe against R/G decks unless they have multiple removal spells, Act of Treason + Barrage of Expendables, Hunt the Weak + a sufficiently large creature, or Plummet against a flyer.

There are 4 mass removal spells: Planar Cleansing; Shrivel; Windstorm; and Rachet Bomb.  The only spell that kills multiple creatures without being mass removal is Flames of the Firebrand.  And the only reusable removal spells at common/uncommon are Blightcaster, Barrage of Expendables (sort of), and Rod of Ruin.

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