THS: The remaining tribal interactions

Other than Minotaurs and Humans, there are only 2 tribal interactions in Theros, both quite minor.

Master of Waves, a mythic, gives Elementals +1/+1. However, there are only 2 Elementals in Theros (aside from those produced by Master of Waves himself):

  • Vaporkin, a blue common
  • Ember Swallower, a red rare

Both of them are very playable on their own merits, and Master of Waves is playable without either of them in your deck. Since neither of them have much impact on the playability of the other, this is not a tribal interaction you need to keep in mind when drafting triple Theros.

Hythonia the Cruel, also a mythic, kills all non-Gorgon creatures. Theros has 4 Gorgons:

  • Hythonia herself
  • Keepsake Gorgon, a black uncommon
  • Pharika’s Mender, a B/G uncommon
  • Reaper of the Wilds, a B/G rare

Hythonia is obviously very powerful if you’re able to hold the fort until you can make her monstrous. In the very unlikely case that you open or are passed a second copy, you will almost certainly draft it. All of the Gorgons are also quite playable on their own merits, and it is more likely that you will have a opportunity to draft one of them after you’ve drafted Hythonia. If you do, you should prioritize them a bit higher than you might otherwise since they do survive Hythonia’s monstrous trigger. Furthermore, all of them cost less than Hythonia and can buy you time to cast her and make her monstrous. If you have enough lands, you can play Keepsake Gorgon on turn 5, Hythonia on turn 6, make Keepsake Gorgon monstrous on turn 7, and make Hythonia monstrous on turn 8, allowing you to make use of your mana very efficiently. Pharika’s Mender also works quite well with Hythonia by buying you time to cast her, or allowing you to Regrow her if she is killed or countered. Finally, Reaper of the Wilds allows you to scry a bunch of times if you do make Hythonia monstrous with a few non-Gorgons in play between both players. However, as soon as you see a card you like enough, it stays on top of your library, so you don’t benefit from any remaining scry triggers.

(While Keepsake Gorgon’s monstrosity trigger is also technically a tribal effect, we won’t consider it here since the scenarios in which it would reward you for playing more Gorgons are extremely unlikely to occur in a triple Theros draft.)

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