KTK: Updated evaluations

I’d posted my initial evaluation of the cards in Khans of Tarkir when the set first came out. As I played with the set, my opinion of several cards changed. This spreadsheet lists both my original and my current valuations. Valuations that have changed are highlighted, with darker highlighting indicating a bigger shift in my valuation of that card. The valuation levels are unchanged: B for bomb, + for exceptional, / for good, ~ for conditional/filler, S for sideboard, x for unplayable, and ? for TBD.

Too many of my evaluations have changed for me to explain each one individually, but here are the general themes:

  • Much of the removal has fallen in my estimation, the main exceptions being Savage Punch, Burn Away, and Master the Way. Conversely, I value Feat of Resistance much higher.
  • My opinion of most non-morph creatures that cost 5+ mana has dropped.
  • My opinion of Trail of Mystery and Secret Plans has gone up because the morphs deck turned out to be quite good.
  • Delve enablers and most delve cards have fallen in my opinion, with the main exceptions being Treasure Cruise and Dead Drop.
  • My opinion of Seek the Horizon and the Banners has fallen from filler to unplayable. There’s enough manafixing in the set that these are unnecessary if you pick the tri-lands and gain lands sufficiently highly.
  • Certain rares/mythics that were difficult to evaluate in a vacuum have fallen a lot in my opinion: Jeskai Ascendancy, Kheru Lich Lord, and Mindswipe. However, a handful has gone in the other direction: Sagu Mauler (it’s even better than I realized), Sidisi Brood Tyrant (it bears some resemblance to Grave Titan and is an excellent delve enabler), and Sorin Solemn Visitor (partly because the lifelink continues on your opponent’s turn).

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