SOI: Compact FAQ

My compact version of the official release notes for Shadows over Innistrad is at It’s 15 pages vs. 43 pages for the original, so it saves paper and is easier to carry with you at the prerelease.


SOI: List of removal

The list of the removal in Shadows over Innistrad, categorized by type, color, and rarity, is available at

SOI: List of instant-speed tricks

The list of the instant-speed tricks in Shadows over Innistrad, categorized by color, rarity, and converted mana cost, is available at

SOI: Compact spoiler

My compact spoiler for Shadows over Innistrad is at It provides searchable card texts before they’re available from Gatherer. It’s also just 11 pages, as opposed to the card image gallery at DailyMTG which is 77 pages, so it’s more environmentally friendly if you choose to print it out, and it’s easier to carry around in your pocket for reference.

OGW: Allies examines how Allies archetypes have changed with the addition of Oath of the Gatewatch, and looks at whether Malakir Soothsayer might be less playable than it seems.

OGW: Colorless mana sources examines the colorless mana sources available in OGW/OGW/BFZ draft.

OGW: Processors and exile effects takes a look at the processors and exile effects available in OGW/OGW/BFZ draft.