GRN: Using expected numbers to determine the best guild

Using the expected number of each card in a draft and LSV’s card rankings to determine the best guild in the set.

GRN: Lessons from the Guilds of Ravnica prerelease

I hadn’t preregistered for the prerelease and they were out of Dimir and Golgari, but I still managed to lucksack my way to 3-0-split with Selesnya. The article has my pool, how I built it, and my thoughts on the format.

GRN: List of removal

The list of the removal in Guilds of Ravnica, categorized by type and color, and sorted by converted mana cost, is available at

GRN: List of instant-speed tricks

The list of the instant-speed tricks in Guilds of Ravnica, sorted by color and converted mana cost, is posted at

GRN: Compact release notes

My compact version of the official release notes for Guilds of Ravnica can be downloaded by clicking here. It’s 16 pages vs. 62 pages for the original, so it saves paper and is easier to carry with you at the prerelease.

GRN: Compact spoiler

Click here to download a 9-page version of the full Guilds of Ravnica spoiler. The card image gallery at DailyMTG is 64 pages, so I’m hoping this saves a couple of trees, while also being easier to carry around for reference.