MH1: From 1-3-Drop to 12-3 (18th Place) at Magicfest Seattle, Part Two

I went 3-3 on Day Two at Magicfest Seattle. Not great, but good enough for 18th place and at least all my losses were to folks that made top 8.

MH1: From 1-3-Drop to 12-3 (18th Place) at Magicfest Seattle, Part One

I went 1-3-drop on Day 1A of Magicfest Seattle, but managed to redeem myself on Day 1B by going 9-0.

MH1: Using expected numbers to prepare for Magicfest Seattle

Using the expected number of each card in Modern Horizons sealed pools to determine whether to maindeck artifact and enchantment removal, Lava Dart, Shatter Assumptions, and Gilded Light.

MH1: Lessons from the Modern Horizons prerelease

I played in two Modern Horizons drafts during the prerelease and went 3-0 with G/W tokens in the first and 3-0 with W/U in the second. The article has my pools, how I built them, and my thoughts on the format.

MH1: List of removal

The list of the removal in Modern Horizons categorized by type and color, and sorted by converted mana cost, is available at

MH1: List of instant-speed tricks

The list of the instant-speed tricks in Modern Horizons, sorted by color and converted mana cost, is posted at

MH1: Compact release notes

My compact version of the official release notes for Modern Horizons can be downloaded by clicking here. It’s 20 pages vs. 57 pages for the original, so it saves paper and is easier to carry with you at the prerelease.